Calculating timeline

I am new here.
I am working on a marketing campaign timeline with more than 70 steps. I would like to calculate which week the steps should be done.
I know the campaign live date and the time difference in number of weeks. I calcutate backward.
For example if the live date is 28 June (week 26), and the PPM should happen 16 weeks earlier, than I’d like to see 6-10 March (week 10) in a timeline column as a result to let me know when I need to plan the PPM.

Can it be done somehow, or I have to do it manually?

Hi @Sandor!

We’ve done something similar to this. What you’ll have to do is add a timeline and a duration for each step in your template process. Then, you can create an item that is the “go-live date”. You can then set up dependency automations that will enable the timeline of each item to change based on the change to the “go-live date”.

Let me know if this makes sense. I’m happy to show you how to do this as well, let me know if you need help :+1:

Tanner Consultant

Hi Tanner,

Thanks for your response.

I am not sure I understand it correctly.

Since the live date is the last step in the process, I should use backward dependency, (to make sure the previous steps follow the live date) which is, as far as I know, not available in Or it is?



Sandor Tuske

Marketing Operations Manager