Calling Non Monday API from GraphQL

We are trying to call Non Monday API from Monday GraphQL. Any advise or code will be most appreciated

Hi @raghavendra.patil, welcome to our community!

I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind expanding a bit more on what you’re looking to do? It sounds like you’re trying to use our GraphiQL environment to query a API, is that right?

If so, I’m afraid that our playground/sandbox environment is only able to query the API.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding! Happy to continue digging into this with you.

Thank you so much Helen.
" GraphiQL environment to query a API" This is absolutely right.
we are looking for sample code for this.
Is there any alternative method to do it.
We want to create pulse/item in board from outside application automatically by providing item details.
Is there any way for that.

Hi @raghavendra.patil!

Yes, so in this case the GraphiQL environment we provide is only for accessing the API (so you can test out queries and API methods, but you can’t access data from a different platform).

Depending on your technical experience, I would recommend checking out the no-code platforms Zapier and Integromat as a way to connect with the other platform you had in mind.

If you are rather technical, or have access to a technical team, you can definitely check out our monday apps framework to create your own custom monday app! This will require you to have some technical experience, as well as access to your own server to host your custom solution.

I would recommend getting started with Zapier or Integromat though!

Thank you So much for your reply.
I suppose that GraphQL code can be written in app. If I give external system authentication and URL and also API and call that API from Monday App, then is it possible that I can send data to external application.


That sounds like exactly the case, I’m glad Helen was able to clarify!

I would recommend checking out our apps framework resources for more info on how you could set this up:

App Builder’s Resources

I hope this helps!


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