Can a custom action interact with custom apps?

Hello, when creating custom actions it looks like only the only option is for a POST request/webhook to be sent somewhere. Is it possible to instead have it trigger something in a custom app?


I have a board with items.
I have a button field on this board.
I have a custom app with an item view added for this board.
When I click the button, open our app’s item view and send a message to it (ideally the same thing you’d send via the webhook)

Then we can handle the message and do whatever we need to in the app.

Is this possible or are webhooks the only way to work with custom actions currently?

Thank you!

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I am not sure I understand the exact flow you are trying to achieve.

Would you mind sending us an email to so we can take a closer look?

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Hey @chadhutchins10
My suggestion is to create a button or link with some parameters in the URL (GET request).
You can’t send POST requests thru monday.

Something like https://myapp.url/?boardId=123&itemId=456.

Then your app can query the board and the item and perform its actions.

Thanks @rob and @Matias.Monday

@rob I’m referring to custom actions as defined here: Custom Actions - it says when a custom action is run it sends a post request with the item data

I’ll try another example… let’s say you have a Monday web form for lead generation. You want a user to manually get those into the CRM system. I want to create a button column that runs a custom action to create the new Lead in the CRM. The button would trigger my custom action, would send the request to my endpoint, and I would use the CRM API to make the calls to create the Lead.

This all seems doable and how the system is designed to work BUT I need a step in between. We don’t have all of the information we need from the board item to create the Lead in CRM. I want the button to open up my item view app, show a form with the pre-filled info from the board, and they can manually fill out the other required information, then click a button that would create the Lead in CRM.

Does that make more sense? Thanks!

Hello @chadhutchins10!

Thank you for the explanation.

Believe you can build this with a custom board view instead of using a button.

You could have a board view in which you show the information from the items that might be relevant for lead creation and in the same time give the user some fields into which type the rest of the information. You could include a button that sends the information to your other platform to create the lead.

You could also add some columns into the board that complete the fields your other CRM is expecting and make your user fill those columns up before sending the information.

Let me know if this might work or if I am missing something here :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Matias.Monday I’ll give this direction a look

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