Can any board subscriber with edit permissions change board view settings?

I want to add a button to the view settings sidebar for the view I am making that will clear the database that the Monday app I am making uses for storage. What I want to know is if any user of the board view would be able to use this button. Ideally only the board owner would be able to do this. I suppose I could check to see if the user that clicked said button is the board owner by querying the board owner via the Monday GraphQL API and then use a conditional statement. However, I would rather not build this if I do not have to.

Hey @hrustad1017,

Thank you for posting all of these on here - I’ve gone ahead and checked in with the team but it seems these wouldn’t be possible at this time. I’ve gone ahead and shared them internally with the dev team. To go a bit further into detail:

Right now it would not be possible to have one button to clear all fo the storage in one fell swoop - instead this would need to be done on an entry by entry basis.

Similarly, it wouldn’t be possible to check who clicked the button in the settings at this time. This would have to be a button implemented within the app, or querying via the API like you described earlier.

Let me know if we can assist with anything else!


Thank you for the detailed response. I appreciate it.

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