Can guests be added to monday groups/ teams?

Looking to add my customers to groups by their organization,

We need the same for our external staff.

Hi @RyanBY - Yes, Guests can be added to Teams in monday.

Cheers Mark,
Looking at the teams members options, looks like I can only add team members (users/ viewers) but not external guests.

Would be much easier to manage everything in the group level rather than individuals based.

Well… this is correct or dont???

Hi @RyanBY - something has changed. This functionality did work up to a few days ago and has mysterious disappeared.

I have double checked a few client accounts and they have guests in teams, but are no longer to add new ones? I am going to follow up with Monday to see if this is a bug or a change…


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It hasn’t worked for us at Polished Geek ever that I can recall, @mark.anley . I did try a sneaky workaround - I made someone a member, added them to a Team, and then changed them back to Guest. But alas, they were removed from the Team automatically, so that doesn’t work either.

@PolishedGeek - very strange! As mentioned I double checked a couple of clients we had this set up for and it worked as of a few days ago. Now an error is received.

So, we need someone from the Monday team to know whats going on with this…

I have run into this problem also. Would be great to add guests to teams, to manage access rights more efficiently.

Can someone please tag monday official support team?

As to my knoledge, it’s stake that guest can not be invited to groups, please refer to guest documentation

Did anyone find anything out about this yet?