Can I do this: When Progress reaches 100%, change status of an item on another board?

Basically, the title. So far, I have a blogging board where I keep track of ideas and whether or not I have video to go along with the blog. In the status field, I have Yes/No/Working on it. When “Working on it” has been selected, and item on the video board is created.

Here’s what I’d like to do: I’d for to track that item and when it’s progress field reaches 100%, the original item’s Video field goes to “Yes”. For bonus points, I’d love to copy the “link” field over, too.

Those this make sense?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Edubs ! Thanks for writing in with this suggestion. We are looking into adding progress tracking support to automations but it will take time before we reach the ability to include that with crossboard abilities as well. We are rolling out dynamic recipes that may solve part of this but not the crossboard part, at least not yet but I would look out for that addition in the coming weeks! You can follow along at for the initial release of dynamic recipes that we plan to build on for more complex recipes! Cheers!

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