Can I receive all of my notifications through slack?

Is there an easy way to have all your automated notifications to go to slack? I know for email there is a quick way to turn on and off “notifies me via automations” and i was just searching for an easy way to select ALL automations to go to slack instead of email.

HI @katiepullman there are slcak notifications that you can configure in your profile.

from the web app:
Click on your user in bottom left in screen
click on my profile
click on ‘notifications’ tab
scroll down and select ‘enable slack notifications’

However it looks like only assignments/mentions can be enabled as slack notifications.

there are also integrations you can set up per board which can send more fine grain notifications e.g. all updates, status changes etc… to slack, but you would have to set those up for each board you want to go into slack. So I’m assuming you were somewhat aware of that.

hope that helps

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Thank you for your response!

Yeah that is my issue about the assignments/mention options under integrations for slack notifications. I have over 60 automations for one board so I was trying to see if there was an easy way to get those automations to happen in slack with one click rather than doing it all manually.

Thanks for your help!

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