Can I sort the table order in my dashboard

I can’t seem to find a way to drag and drop or sort projects inside the table widget in my dashboard. I have multiple projects added to the table widget, but they seem to choose their own order to display in. Help?

Hey @stifoo,

Are you talking about the order that the groups from the various boards show in one table widget? Are you trying to move the groups into an order or drag and drop pulses inside a group/between groups in the same board from inside the dashboard widget?

A screenshot of what you’re looking at would be really helpful!

Julia, I have this same question. OP is referring to Board Title.

If you add a Table widget to a Dashboard and configure the widget to include several Boards, the Boards are not listed in alphabetical order in the Table widget.

Is there a way to make the Boards in the Table widget of the Dashboard show up in alphabetical order?

I hope this provides sufficient context, I am unable to include a screenshot due to the sensitivity of the customer information.

Thank you for any insight your team can provide here.

Hey Tim,

Right now we don’t have a way to order the tables in the widget. I am trying to find out what the logic behind the order which you see is and will update you!

Will move this topic to be under feature requests too :slight_smile:

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