Can no longer find the integration I'm developing in order to use it

I’m working on an integration. I have added and removed it countless times to multiple boards in the same account I’m developing it on. I eventually realized other users in my developer account couldn’t authorize the app via 0auth and I fixed this by publishing a version of the app and installing it via the developers console. Everything continued to function normally until I had to make a new version of the app to support multiple 0auth URIs.

I can’t recount the exact order of events but I uninstalled the app from the account and removed the existing integrations from the boards within the account. Now I can’t find the features I need within the app marketplace. I used to be able to search for the feature name and it would show up but now there’s nothing. I was able to delete the existing installation from administration but that didn’t bring back the feature to the marketplace.

I experimented with making a third version of the app but all that did was disable the “Install app” button under ‘Manage’ with the tooltip telling me to promote a live version of the app. But the second version is still live!

I admit to not really understanding how these versions fit into my situation where I’m not trying to publish the app. The only reason I made a version to begin with was to let other users authorize the app so they could get an access_token to test the experimental view I’m working on. I had to make a second version to include multiple redirect_uris. My hunch is that this is where it all went wrong and that you’re not meant to use versions on unshared apps, the fact that the version starts at 1.0 and not 0.1 is a hint.

I’m ready to just spin up a new app because that will only take several minutes but then I’ll still have the issue of having to install the app to allow other users to authorize it so I feel I need to understand this problem better and arrive at a real solution. As it stands I think I can get by with making a new app, publishing a live version, and installing it on my account. But if I need to change 0Auth stuff I’ll have to make a new version which I expect will break it in the same way and I’ll have to go through all this again.

Hello @Janssen,

You said that you created a new version after uninstalling the app.

Quick question. What happens if you promote the new version to live and then install it?

Do you see the recipes then in your integration center in your board?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, thanks for your quick reply!

I cannot install it:

I have three versions:

I could try promoting 1.2 and see if that will install but I’ll hold off for now so that we can be the most helpful to each other.


Hello again @Janssen,

That is what I meant! To promote that 1.2.0 version to live and installing it!

Yup, that did the trick. Thanks.

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Happy to hear that!!