Can we have automated notifications when pulses are moved between boards

Bug report?: When moving a pulse from one board to another notifications based on a new pulse being created or being moved to a group do not fire. Is this intended behavior? How do I notify someone automatically when a pulse has been moved to their board? We have a central board for incoming applications which then get assigned to different boards. The act of moving the pulse to a different board should trigger a notification.

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Hey Sebastian

Thanks for this suggestion! I guess you are manually moving items between boards? So you’re saying when doing that, you think that a notification should automatically be sent to subscribers of the board the item is moved to? Just want to make sure I understand your request. It’s not a bug as right now, moving an item won’t notify the people subscribed on the 2nd board.

Hi Julia,

yes, we are manually assigning pulses from one board to another with the first board acting as “clearing house” for distribution. I was trying to find a way to trigger a notification to someone when a pulse is moved to one of the secondary boards. Right now that isn’t possible. It doesn’t have to be all subscribers that are notified. I was looking for an automation to handle this notification scenario but the existing automations aren’t able to handle it.

Yes that’s right. Who would you like to be notified? The assignee of the pulse? I’m just trying to understand the exact use case to give context for the feedback :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to assign the person or group who should be notified both either by straight assignment in the automation (even if they aren’t assigned a pulse) e.g. if they permanently own oversight of the board and need to know when pulses move to the board or based on a person or group column.

So, just to be clear, you’d like an automation that “when pulse moves to this board, assign someone and notify someone”, with the option to choose who is automatically assigned and who is notified (not necessarily the same people since assignment already triggers a notification)?

I’d like to be able to notify any user when a pulse moves to a new board. They may or may not end up assigned to the pulse but they need to know that there is a new pulse on the board. So the rule I’m looking for is “when a pulse is moved to this board notify someone (individual/group)”. The assignment of the pulse to a staff is optional.

In a perfect world I’d like to be able to build my own automation rules using a basic syntax of triggers, conditions, and actions.

Cross-board automations are on the way so I imagine this is on the roadmap but i’ll check with the task force and get back to you!

As an alternate idea, what about notify someone when a pulse is created on that board? Would it matter to if it is a new pulse or if it is brought from a different board?
I used the automarion to notify when a new pulse is created but never tried to move pulses across boards to test it. Have you tried it?
I don’t know if it helps in your specific situation but it could be an initial solution untill we have cross boards automations…

Right now the platform seems to care. When moving a pulse to a different board automations for new pulses on the receiving board do not trigger for a moved pulse.

oh well, it was worth the shot. sorry about that :slightly_frowning_face:
we’ll be waiting to see if this is implemented soon