Can you tag/label groups within a board? i.e. Tagging a whole group as "High Priority" or "Low Priority"

Is there a way to mark a group in a board with priority levels?

I have groups that represent a project. And within that group are the tasks/items. Ideally, I wanted to mark a single group as priority or not. Please help. Thanks everyone!

Hi @TJ_S - could you supply a little more information in regards to what you are trying to accomplish? I am not clear on what you mean by marking a group with Priority levels? You can always create a Group with Priority in the name and move items to and from the group where need be (either manually or via automation).


Hi. Thanks for your reply.

I tried naming my group in terms of priority. Such as

High- Project 1
Medium - Project 2
Low - Project 3

However, I wanted to have a dashboard or report to show which group is labeled as high, medium and lo within the entire board


See screeshot

Hi @TJ_S - I think I am getting a clearer picture here.

Within a dashboard, you could set a filter based on the [Priority Level] column within a specific widget to visualize only the High priority items, then duplicate the widgets and alter their filter to show medium and low respectively. If you could describe how were you wanting to visualize the data within a dashboard it would be helpful…


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the response.

So, the way our workflow works is that, we have projects and multiple tasks/steps following it.
But the priority tag or mark should only be on the project level. And we break our project by boards in Monday. And I am looking for ways on how to tag a Group in a board as a priority.

In the image I attached here is you can see 2 projects. Project 1 is High Priority while Project 2 should be Medium. So, I want to know how to tag them as they are. I don’t think making a column will answer them.
Aside from creating a group with a priority in a name, is there any other ways to do it?

Thank you.

Hi @TJ_S - my apologies, I somehow missed your response. I am still unclear on your exact requirements here…so if this is still and issue for you, it would likely be good for us to discuss 1 on 1 to try to try to clear this one up. You can DM me here or msg me at and I will get back to you ASAP.