Can't get mutate_column_value to work

For the life of me, I can’t get a mutate_column_value to work. I’ve tried about every possible way that I found in the docs and the community but nothing seems to work. This is how it looks right now:

"query":"mutation{ change_column_value (item_id: 123456789, board_id: 11223344, column_id: \"text21\", value: \"test\") { id } }"

And this is the Server reply:

{ error_message: "809: unexpected token at 'test'", status_code: 500 }

I probably am missing something completely obvious but I’m on this for a felt eternity, so if anybody can tell me my mistake, that would be extremely helpful.

The columnid in your example should not be escaped. Just use:

"query":"mutation{ change_column_value (item_id: 123456789, board_id: 11223344, column_id: "text21", value: \"test\") { id } }"

Thanks for the reply. This is really frustrating, because the quotes get escaped when I stringify the request. I’m missing something and probably the error is occurring somewhere else in my post request… But thanks for your help!

ohh, I didn’t realize you stringified the complete request. You should stringify only the value, not the full request.

It is weird, as the API accepts the escaped columnID. When I change the column to a number column and post a number, the request gets accepted. Only the escaped string value "test" gets not accepted. I am really confused about now.