Can't resize board view of app

I’m quite new to app development, so maybe I’m missing something obvious:
I’m developing App with Board View feature, but actual UI is very minimal, like two buttons. But when I test my app I can’t resize my app to be small, it’s stuck on about 200px height, most of this space is wasted. How can I make my app smaller?
btw, whole resize procedure is somewhat buggy on both browsers I tested (Chrome, Firefox on Windows 10)

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Hey @yureckey.
AFAIK board views when used in split mode can be resized to a minimum of about 250 px in height.
You can’t reduce the size more and honestly board views are not meant to be used as simple toolbars.


To add on to what Rob said, depending on your app’s use case you could use the upcoming Item View for this. It will let you display your app’s functionality in the item pane on the right-hand side when a user clicks a specific item: