Can't select dependencies - get dialog box instead

I am trialing I added a dependency column to be linked/dependent on a date. When I try to add Item 1 as Item 2’s dependency on Item 2, I get a dialog box for Item to fill information for Item 1. The videos and tutorials I saw/read say you can just select Items to be dependent on. But that’s not what I experiencing and I can’t set any dependencies. Is there something else I’m supposed to set up first?

hi @meaphotography

It looks like you click in the leftmost column where you need to click in the dependency column for the item that is dependent on some other item. Hope that helps.

Thank you! I see what I was doing wrong which your reply helped me figure out. Instead of clicking just the check boxes next to items to be dependent on, I was clicking on them and that opened the dialog box. Not sure if that’s a bug or a feature, but it sure was confusing!

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