Cant view custom board View

When I set the right Source : custom URL. I can watch my app. when i go to the board It wont load. I get error blocked by client ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

Hey there @idojet :wave: I’m glad to see you as part of our community and I hope you enjoy your stay! I am sorry it took us a bit longer than we’d like to get back to you here.

To be transparent with you, I am not quite certain what might cause an error code like this, although it sounds like it could be related to your permission scopes within the app itself, or the way you’ve set up your OAuth. Do you think either of those could be the case?

Having said that, I’ve also asked the team to take a further look and help me out here - as soon as we are able to come up with additional suggestions, I’ll drop a line here :slight_smile:


According to the team, ERR blocked by client usually means the browser is blocking your connection for some reason. It would really help if you could provide further detail about your app and a screenshot of the way this looks on your end - that way, we’d be able to gain more insight into what is happening on your end. I hope that makes sense.