Canvas missed target? From ideation in Canvas to structuration in Monday

I tried Canvas (replacing soon Collaborative Whiteboard). Yet another whiteboard? Sure it’s a young product in beta. However it’s far behind Mural, Miro, Klaxoon and many others.

Whiteboards are great for ideation, brainstorming, sketches. In one word: heuristic mapping. But when it goes to structuring, planning etc. Monday is our wingman. So we have to re-write everything into a Monday board.

I would rather wait for a close integration with Monday: heuristic map is an actual view of a Monday board. Its elements (sticky notes, skeches,…) are actual items in a board.

For instance, one could right-clic on a sticky note and choose “create an item in Board”. Or clic on it and have the board item detail (as in connected boards columns).

Here is what I would love to work with (screencaptures from Milanote, montage with Photoshop):