CarbonCRM Suite - The only end-to-end CRM Solution built 100% on

Introducing the monday marketplace’s first end-to-end CRM solution, CarbonCRM Suite!

We built this app for various reasons, but mainly because there is no all-encompassing CRM solution within monday, aside from the monday Sales CRM product. When talking with users, they expressed the desire of wanting to retain the nature of their standard Work OS while being able to use a highly functional CRM.

The templates available for “CRM and Sales” in the template center are a great start to a CRM, but you still have to do all of the setup, customization, automation creation, and structuring of your sales funnel.

The CarbonCRM lifts the burdens of having to think out, layout, build, and set up your CRM by providing a CRM building block ready to be customized to your business and process. We wanted to make customer relationship management accessible to the community, and this is our way of delivering that. You can book a free demo here.

CarbonCRM enables you to have a full-service CRM built inside of monday, to manage cold prospects, warm leads, active deals, and ongoing client or customer relationships, as well as track all activities for advanced reporting via monday dashboards.

This suite is designed as a jumping-off point where you can customize and tailor every aspect to your liking but is ready to install and start using today. This is an industry agnostic solution to ensure every team on monday has access to an end-to-end customer relationship management system that can be integrated into their existing workflow or extended with specific tools connected through monday.

The CarbonCRM Tool Belt:

The CRM Tool Belt equips you with powerful tools and integrations to create the perfect customer relationship management experience.

Duplicate prevention - Scans your system for duplicates when new items are made, to ensure you aren’t wasting space in your CRM.

Duplicate merge - Anytime duplicates are found we merge them, display the most up-to-date information in the columns, and save the prior info inside an update.

Column merge - Take information from two different columns and merge them together. (ex. you use forms with first and last name inputs, this can be used to create items named “First name Last name” in your leads board)

Auto ID - Customize your item naming conventions, record IDs, sort, and update text columns automatically.

Use Cases

Examples of how this system has been tailored by companies so far:

Event Planning - Using CarbonCRM to track and manage their event bookings for multiple locations planned for up to 2 years in advance

Staffing & Recruiting - Using CarbonCRM as their opportunity management system to communicate with companies searching to fill job orders.

Landscaping - Using CarbonCRM to track and manage service crew dispatching for lawn care & landscaping

Marketing - Using CarbonCRM as the top of their digital marketing services funnel, which they integrated into their monday workflow and connects with all their service-based processes.

Who are we?

This app was built in-house by our team here at CarbonWeb. If you want to know more about our relationship with monday, click here. We are certified monday partners who seek to add value to the monday platform and create effective solutions for the community. We help businesses of all sizes optimize and enhance their systems, whether we’re getting them started on the platform or if they’ve been long-time users.


This app is a bit different from most others you may see on the marketplace. We know not everyone in your company needs to use the CRM and we didn’t want to charge per user in your account, so we broke down our pricing based on contacts stored in your Contact Database (Contacts board).

Starter: Store up to 500 contacts - $25/month

Essential: Store up to 1000 contacts - $40/month

Standard: Store up to 2500 contacts - $75/month

Professional: Store up to 5000 contacts - $100/month

Unlimited: Store unlimited contacts - $150/month

You can download the CarbonCRM Workspace templates, which provide you with the entire CRM structure for free but to unlock the full functionality of CarbonCRM and usability of the CarbonCRM Tool Belt, you will need to purchase a plan. All plans have the same features and will receive all future updates to the CarbonCRM Suite.

If you want to install the CarbonCRM Suite into your workspace, you can do so here.

In case you are curious, view support documentation here to gain a fuller understanding of the solution. Additionally, view our website, for more specifics on the CarbonCRM Suite.

Additionally, we highly recommend getting a free demo from one of our talented product representatives who can take you through the entire system. Book a demo

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