CarbonRecruiting Suite - Positions, Pipelines, Splits, Client Portal, & more!

Add Transparency & Automation to Your Recruiting Process with CarbonRecruiting Suite!

What is the CarbonRecruiting Suite and why did we create it?

CarbonRecruiting Suite is an all-in-one executive recruiting solution built on the monday platform. This powerful suite adds transparency to your recruiting process for everyone involved, enabling a better overall experience for all parties. From the hiring manager at your client’s company to the recruiters and directors at the firm, everyone can see more and manage every aspect of the recruiting process.

We built this solution out of necessity. As Channel Partners, we see a variety of similar needs within different industries, and with our roots tied to the recruiting sector, we’ve built dozens of recruiter workflows and wanted to encapsulate what we’ve learned into an end-to-end workflow for recruiting teams.

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What are the Key Features of CarbonRecruiting?

:eyes: Client Viewing | Hiring Manager Portal - Give hiring managers a portal into your recruiting process to give transparency to your clients, increase collaboration, and reduce the time it takes to fill a position.

:technologist: My Recruitment Dashboard - Give every recruiter in your firm access to a personalized dashboard, offering a snapshot of their recruiting activity in real-time.

:page_with_curl: Position Overview - Track all positions across your firm and keep track of progress in a unified spot to ensure open opportunities are never missed.

:mag_right: Pipeline - Track candidates through the placement process in a unique pipeline for every position, enabling more transparency and easier progress reporting with your clients.

:axe: Commission Splits - Ensure you can effectively and accurately payout everyone for their effort on a completed job order without all the manual math.

:bar_chart: Reports - Get a birds-eye view with position dashboards and firm reports, visualizing metrics and progress toward your firm’s KPIs.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Activities Tracking - Monitor effort and productivity with activities tracking throughout your system, keeping a detailed record of all calls, emails, interviews, meetings, and more.

:dart: Goals - Set and monitor firm KPIs and recruiter-specific goals to drive higher performance and give your team tangible objectives.

How others are using the CarbonRecruiting Suite already:

Healthcare Executive Search Firm:

An executive search firm specializing in healthcare is using CarbonRecruiting Suite to manage their entire recruiting pipeline, from planning job postings to making job offers.

Finance Recruiting Firm:

A finance recruiting firm is using CarbonRecruiting Suite to enhance their offer, and upcharge clients for access to the client viewing pipeline.

Boutique Executive Recruiting Firm:

A boutique executive recruiting firm is using CarbonRecruiting Suite to enhance their placement process with unique pipelines for every position.

Who is CarbonWeb?

This app was built in-house by our team here at CarbonWeb. If you want to know more about our relationship with monday, click here . We are Certified Channel Partners who seek to add value to the monday platform and create effective solutions for the community. We help businesses of all sizes optimize and enhance their systems, whether we’re getting them started on the platform or if they’ve been long-time users.

What’s it cost?

CarbonRecruiting Suite has a one-time deployment cost of $3500 plus a subscription of $10/user/month.
*18% discount when paid annually.

Our deployment includes the initial installation of the workspace plus, 5 hours of customization and 10 hours of training for you and your team.

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