CarbonToolbelt - 20+ Native Workflow Recipes Unlocking 1000's of NEW Automation Possibilities

:hammer_and_wrench:CarbonToolbelt - 20+ Native Workflow Recipes Creating 1000’s of Automation Possibilities

What is CarbonToolbelt and why did we create it?

The CarbonToolbelt is a compilation of gap-filling integrations that extend the native possibilities of the monday platform. These integrations allow you to build more complete workflows with advanced automated actions, and add new triggers without needing to use third-party tools like Make.

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Sooo, What’s Included? What can you do with it?


:gear: Column Manipulation
Copy, Update, or Merge any Standard or Mirrored Column data into other columns, including item names.

:white_check_mark: Column Requirements
Construct robust Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and automate actions based on specific conditions.

:abacus: Formulas & Calculations
Use formulas and perform calculations within automations, storing results in columns and eliminating the need for formula columns.

:mag_right: Item Updates
Automate checklist creation, fostering improved collaboration, reduced information gaps, and unobstructed clarity within your workflow.

:busts_in_silhouette: People Assignments
Minimize handoff confusion, automate accountability, and ensure seamless process initiation with automated assignments based on triggers.

:watch: Date Changes
Achieve elevated data accuracy and minimal disruptions in the face of timeline alterations by preserving times when you push dates.

Take a look at what’s possible

  • “When column changes, copy mirror column to this column
  • "When column changes, create an update if any of these columns are empty.
  • “When column changes, calculate formula and store result in result column
  • “When an update is created, assign creator as person
  • “When column changes, create a checklist update with this text
  • When date arrives, push date by some days, keeping the time”

Getting Started

Accessing the app is easy! To start your 14-day trial, head to the marketplace and search “toolbelt” or you can click to install it directly in your account here →

Pricing & Plans

Pricing for the CarbonToolbelt is straightforward, with no feature locking at any tier.
*All Plans have an 18% Annual Discount

  • Chisel ($49/month) - 2,500 Charges
  • Hammer ($99/month) - 10,00 Charges
  • Screwdriver ($199/month) -30,000 Charges
  • Power Drill ($349/month) - 70,000 Charges

Extra Info

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