Carry column values to task board

I have a board with about 50 columns on it. Generally this board is populated by a form.

When a new item is created on that board, I am trying to create a new task on a team task board, and carry over values from several of the columns on the original board. So the data elements that are needed for that task completion are right there… is that possible?

Hey @amission.

I believe the automation “When an item is created in this board, creates an item in another board and link them using link to item column” could do the trick.

Make sure you have the same column structure on both boards so its easy to transfer your data over. Once you click on that automation, a pop-up will appear to allow you to place the data from the original board to the task board.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for providing this suggestion @kswiss50! That automation sounds like the perfect solution for @amission’s workflow :slight_smile:

This automation allows you to map the column values from your source board into the corresponding columns of your destination board:

Can you give this a try and let us know what you think?