Carry out address of accounts to deals


I have been using monday this week in the trial it has.

I think is important to mention that I am in Latin America, and the quote process in this region is a frequent process, clients ask for 1, 2, …10, 11 quotes prior to take a decision. The other important thing to mention, is that the Legal Address of a company is very important in the quoting process. When we send a quote and then an invoice, we have to add the legal address, since, mostly all the tax agencies in Latin America request that as part of the control of invoices.

With that previous explanation, I’ll explain the issue I found.

At first, the location module (where you include and address) is not added by default on the accounts. I got there asking for support, who suggested to add this module to the account board. I was able to include an address to one of the accounts I created and, even though, the system accepted it couldn’t verified online.

After that I created a deal for that account, and noticed that the address field was not populated with the address I entered in the account module. I have to add the address again manually.

Taking into account that the goal of using the platform is to create a lot of deals, I will probably be adding manually the address several times, as a repeat process.

It will be good to link the address to the deal, or, add a check box asking if the address that is going to be used for the deal is the same of the account. With that you let the decision into the user hand.