Carry-over Hour & Formula Columns from one board to another board

Currently, Hours & Formula Columns are not supported in Item under Automation recipes.
E.g. I have a list of tasks with assigned Start & End Time of the Tasks and Formula to calculate the time difference between Start Time & End Time of the Tasks in Board A and I want to create it on Board B which is my working board. When I create one Task from Board A to Board B then I unable to get Horus & Formula columns values and we lost the data (Hours & Formulas Column Values). SO we need to manually create it. Link to Item & Mirror columns did not solve our purpose. It is also a manual task. So you should consider for implementation in future developments.

Hey @Tejas - this is a request that our team receives pretty often and we are looking into adding this functionality. I’m not able to provide a concrete timeline for when this might roll out, but we appreciate you sharing this feedback with us!