Cascading Dates Based on Start Date and Duration


Is there currently a way to update all dates in a project based on a starting date range and duration?

That is, when the first date range is selected, it will automatically update all the following date ranges in the items below based on the durations included in those items.

I select the range of 1/1 to 1/10. Then the ranges below adjust automatically based on the durations provided. A second duration of 3 days would mean the next item adjusts to 1/11-1/13.

Is there an elegant implementation of this in Monday?

Hi @xxnickxx

Welcome to the community. From what I understand from your needs the app from Work Perfect, see would be a perfect fit.

Hi Bas,

Thank you for the recommendation. Do you know if these plug-ins are paid per user, or per organization?


hi @nick

As I understand it is priced per monday account, you should be able to see that in the monday marketplace.