Change a Task to be a Subitem of another Task

Is it possible, or could it be considered, to allow a Task to become a subitem of another Task.

Use Case:
Say I have say six tasks that have accumulated over time that are closely related to each other so they should be actioned as a single task. For example:

  1. Add field x to Form A
  2. Change default of field c on Form A
  3. Change colour on Form A
    4 … etc.

Rather than treating this as 6 individual tasks, I want to create a single Task say “Refactor/Redesign Form A” and then make the existing 6 tasks subitems to the new “Refactor/Redesign Form A” task.

Is this possible now (I did not see how) or could this be added to the roadmap?

BTW - Love the subitem concept.

Hi Addax, the “Subitems” serve this purpose.
I figure you would like to move a task into a Subitem. Unfortunately, this feature is not ready yet. will work on it though.

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Thank you for the quick response… I’ll watch the road map with keen interest.

Thank you :slight_smile: