Change and deleted Items

I Have a problem someone of my team delete items from 3 days ago
and change name of all items to ( 0 )
and i want to restore or recovery my monday before 4 or 5 days to reslove the problem
it’s not easy to open trash and restore all items and change it names again
there is any way to make a recovery or restore by date so i can recovery monday from 4 or 5 days ago before all that changed

Hi @archmdawoud!

Any deleted items will be held in the trash for 30 days so in order to restore those items I’d recommend this approach. I understand you’d tried this process however in full transparency, to get those items back, this is the only way at this time. I will definitely share this feedback with our team internally. I also encourage you to add your vote here Adding an UNDO feature in Activity tab :pray: