Change board kind with API v2

Is it possible to change a board set as public to private, using a API query?

My process consists in creating a board, then assigning teams to specific items. These boards are supposed to be private, so only the subscribed users can access it, but I’ve found out I can’t add a team as a subscriber using the API, neither can I assign a team to an specific item/column in a private board if it’s not assigned to the board. The eventual solution I found was to create the board as public, so I can assign the teams to specific items without having to assign it to the board, and then changing the board kind to private (I found that doing this will automatically make the teams, which I have assigned to the items, also assigned to the board). But I couldn’t find in the documentation how to change the board kind from public to private, so far I have to this step manually.

hi @vprado

There is no possibility to change the board kind through the API. When you create a board through the API you can define the board kind, but you can only change the board kind through the UI.

Hello @basdebruin

Thanks for the response. Too bad I can’t change the board kind through the API, it would a great feature to be able to mutate this and other board parameters through the API.

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