Change board name via API

I have a requirement to change the name of a board via the api.

It is easy enough to retrieve the current name, but I don’t seem able to access the board name field for update. Using as follows only allows me access to description, or communication fields.

mutation {
update_board(board_id: 1***, board_attribute: description, new_value: “boom”)

Anyone done anything to alter board name via API, and if so how?

hi @alan.every

You can change the board description but as far as I know not the board title.

Hey @alan.every :wave:

I’m afraid I can only confirm @basdebruin’s response here. At the time, changing a board Title via the API is not an option just yet.

I’ve moved the topic to our Feature Requests section, and other users can now vote for this feature and chime in with their feedback :slight_smile: Thanks for helping us improve!


Thanks for this @AlexSavchuk

The requirement is based upon a client I have who use Monday across a number of their business groups. They require integration between Monday and a number of other systems. Preferred workflow which generated this request as:

  1. Board created in Monday
  2. Integration event (and behind the scenes azure functions) create jobs, items etc. in 3rd party systems
  3. Job id from third party system is added to board title from step 1

My client really wants to drive all this from Monday, so I’m going to try to produce a workaround whereby a dashboard widget triggers the azure functions to create 3rd party items, then based upon that creates the board in workflow.

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Thanks for shedding more light into this! I really appreciate you adding a bit more context into what you’d like to achieve.

While there are no news on this being implemented as of yet, I do hope the workaround you are coming up with would allow you to achieve this :slight_smile: