Change_column_value getting Internal server error 500 in test environment

Was trying to isolate an issue with Multiple column changes so limited to testing a single text column change in

mutation {change_column_value (board_id: xxxxxx, item_id: xxxxxx, column_id:"waterbody_1" value:"{\"testing\"}") {id} }

I still get the error

  "error_message": "Internal server error",
  "status_code": 500

Is there a way to get more details on the 500 error?

No, not that I’ve heard of. My experience has been that it’s usually a syntax error.

Here it looks like you are missing a comma before the value parameter.


Hey again @Eric_MSI :wave:

I"m sorry to hear this issue is still troubling you! To be transparent with you, the 500 error is almost always related to the query that is sent - if it isn’t formatted correctly, the platform will block the API request and send back a 500 error, as it can’t process the data normally. Does that make sense?

I do agree this is something that we could improve on, and I’ll pass that as feedback to our development team :slight_smile: That said, I do think @JCorrell has a very good point here and after adding a comma, the mutation should work correctly.