Change_column_value invalid value

Testing queries at I’m unable to get past errors when trying to add column values via mutation.

For example this query

mutation ($columnValues: JSON!) {
create_item (board_id: 123456789
, group_id: “topics”
, item_name: “Item name”
, column_values: $columnValues

With these query variables

“columnValues”: “{“person”:[{“id”:12237196,“kind”:“person”}]}”

Returns this error

“error_code”: “ColumnValueException”,
“status_code”: 400,
“error_message”: “change_column_value invalid value”,
“error_data”: {
“column_value”: “[{“id”=>12237196, “kind”=>“person”}]”,
“column_type”: “MultiplePersonColumn”

Simple text columns work but complex columns like people fail. The user id matches query users(king: non_guests) for example, also the id in the url in monday web interface.

Do you know what am I missing?

Hey @MountainMan!

It looks like you’re trying to update a multiple-person column but you’re sending the data of a person column. The multiple-person column takes a list of people and teams (since it can hold multiple). For more information, check out the documentation here.

Here’s an example:

"columnValues" : {"person" : {\"personsAndTeams\":[{\"id\":4616627,\"kind\":\"person\"},{\"id\":4616666,\"kind\":\"person\"},{\"id\":51166,\"kind\":\"team\"}]}}

Let me know if that helps.

That works. Thanks Dipro!

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