Change_column_value mutation with board-relation value

Hi Monday Team, I’m actually having the same doubt as BraveCarlo on his post

and also getting Error 500 when passing for example
value:= “{“linkedPulseIds”:[{“linkedPulseId”:1940396017},{“linkedPulseId”:1940598983}]}”

if I send value:="{}" it works but I want to add linked pulses and not clear them.

He argues he had found the solution in the docs, but the posted link just jumps over to the main documentation.

Thanks for your attention.

Hello @marioscheel,

Here is the new documentation for connect columns. Hope this helps.

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Yes, it works perfect.
I just have to manage the backslash inside the JSON with adicional backslashs but that is more an issue of the tool that I’m using here. Tks.

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