Change_multiple_column_values returning http 500

My query is returning error even with parsing the column_values and body data. Is there something that I’m missing?

{"query":"\n    mutation ($id: Int!, $boardId: Int!, $columnValues: JSON!) {\n      change_multiple_column_values(\n        item_id: $id,\n        board_id: $boardId,\n        column_values: $columnValues\n        ) {\n          id\n        }\n    }","variables":"{\"id\":10,\"boardId\":12345678,\"columnValues\":{\"texto\":\"false\",\"text4\":\" \"}}"}

{ error_message: 'Internal server error', status_code: 500 }

Hello @carinebecker and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

What happens if you try this in your Playground? Can you share a screenshot of the Playground with the response to the query?