Change status on one column when another status changes - linearly

Hi there,

Our boards manage multiple projects horizontally. For the horizontal process I have 17 status columns (it follows a process). Some columns are integral to the final end deliverable/milestone. I am adding automations to those integral columns to change an “overall status” column. I would like for the automation to read columns by priority of status set. (Several steps can occur simultaneously)

For example, I want overall status to change, regardless of column order, or update timing (eg., last updated) to change to ‘stuck’, ‘working on it’ or ‘paused’ that it overrides any other automations. And within that, I want a hierarchy - where ‘paused’ is the highest, then ‘stuck’ then ‘working on it’, then ‘on track’ and where the final column turns to ‘complete’ then overall status changes to complete.

I think it is like this
If any column is ‘paused’ then overall status column is ‘paused’
If any column is ‘stuck’, and no column is ‘paused’ then overall status column is ‘stuck’
If any column is ‘working on it’, and no column is ‘paused’ or ‘stuck’ then overall status is ‘working on it’

Is there a way I can do this with automations?



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Hey @AlexisN! This is a super interesting workflow - thanks for sharing. At the moment, there’s not a way to set hierarchies for automations but this is something we would be open to looking into going forward. We are working first on setting ownership and the ability to pass that ownership between users of automations then we will tackle situations similar to yours. Stay tuned for all thats coming up!


Thanks Laura. I look forward to this degree of flexibility. I will keep my eye out for the update. Cheers, and have a great weekend.