Changed status to previous status

I have an automation where you select a progress status and it will automatically create its subtasks. It’s working well, but my problem is when I change it back to its previous status.

Is there a way to prevent the subtasks from being created when I switch back? Help!

Hey Carla!

Just to clarify, you have an automation set up to creates subitems when a certain status label is selected and you’re running into issues where the subitems are still being created when you move from a later stage back to the previous stage like “working on it”, for example?

To fix this, I’d suggest using an automation recipe like the following:

The difference here is that you’re specifying from which status label the item has to change in order to trigger this subitem creation.

So, you can have the automation only create subitems if it became Progress Status 2 from Progress Status 1, instead of Progress Status 3 changing to Status 2 triggering the subitem creation.

Does this help? :blush: Let me know what you think!

Hi Charlotte! I didn’t see this automation recipe! Thank you so much for your suggestion!