Changes for the creation of an item by an integration or automation

Soon, the creation of an item by an automation or integration will stop triggering the “Column Changes” trigger on columns of type status, dropdown & people.

If you are affected by this, you should implement the required changes to your code.

The change will be opened gradually, starting December 5th, so your code should be ready by then.

Not sure I understand the meaning.
If an item was created via an automation of any kind or app and the customer configured an automation with my app that triggered by when column of type status changed. My integration won’t trigger?

hi @Matias.Monday

Not sure I understand either. Will a create_item webhook still be triggered when an item is created by a “create_item” mutation (through the API) when the mutation contains column values?

Hello @Spot-nikdev!

Correct. If an item is created via an automation or integration and there is an automation that has the trigger set to the changing of a column, that trigger will not be fired on the creation of the item if the column is of type status, dropdown or people.

@basdebruin hi! The create_item webhook will not change.