Changes in the "users" query

Hello everyone!

Starting April 27th 2023 the users query will work with a page argument when a limit is provided. If the page argument is not provided, it will default to page: 1. This will work in the same way as it does today with the boards or items queries.

hi @Matias.Monday

Thank for letting us know. Is it really a requirement to add a page argument? Does it fail when not specified or does it return just the limit of users with success? As far as I know it is not a requirement for boards and items.

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Hello @basdebruin!

I will rephrase the post since I see how it was not clear. Sorry about that!

When this change is live, if you use a limit argument in a users query, if you don’t use the page argument, it will default to page: 1. So it is not a requirement.

Thanks @basdebruin !