Chart data lock down

Is there anyway to lock down the data in a chart?
The data I used is linked to my inventory data base which will be remove every month. Thus, once the data is removed, my chart will not be able to capture any information.

As this is project-based data, we planned to pdf the data every month to ensure that the board is clean.

Hi @JayHayashi and welcome to the community. When you say the data is removed each month is it sent to another board or archived (or deleted)? An option would be to send the data to another “historical data” board then have your chart widget also pointed to this board. Since the boards would be of the same structure the widgets should still work as before.


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Hi Mark

Thanks for the replying.

We want to totally remove the data as not to have too much cluster. I do not want to manage too many historical data as I am currently a one man team.

I will consider the suggestions you made to move it to archiving it or create an additional board to temporary store this data.

Thanks again.


Hi @JayHayashi - you could set automations to move the pulses automatically at a specific date so you don’t need to manually move them. Once they are moved to the historical board you could then have another automation to archive those items at a later date. This way it would keep all your boards clean.


Hi Mark

Thanks for the suggestion. I already have the automation in place. Will store the data in Archive for now.

Thank you very much.