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When my team is on the go, they use either WhatsApp or iMessage for one-on-one & group convos.

I need to stop them.

Can we fast-track internal one-on-one, team & group chat for the app? It would also be useful to have a “create pulse” button because inevitably tasks will be extracted from these conversations.

Thank you!


Hey Ruben

Thanks for the feedback! We have thought about introducing chats inside the app, both on web and mobile. Are you saying you would like to limit the conversations which take place outside of between your teammates or are you saying you’d like a way to bring those conversations into monday? We do have the Slack integration which allows you to create pulses from inside a Slack channel. You can read more here.

Let me know if that helps?

I would LOVE to chat inside the app’s ecosystem (team-to-team, individual-to-individual, individual-to-team) because our team spans 5 time zones at any given time.


We use monday for project management and CRM and Slack for internal messaging. They work really well together!

I suppose you could say monday could add messaging, but what’s the advantage of trying to take on Slack when they can already seamlessly integrate and work together?

You can create a pulse from monday with their Slack integration already. If you get Zapier you can do things like star a message in Slack to create a pulse on a particular monday board depending on the channel you posted in.

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I’m of the belief that a login should be as powerful as an Apple ID—one database of purchases & communications (and more) across any Apple Mac or iOS device.

Perhaps it’s the differing nature of our companies or company cultures or number of hats we need to wear daily, but the moment need to ask myself, “Did I discuss that with them in a Slack update or a Monday pulse?” I’ve already lost the efficiency battle.

Zapier is great. But I hit the free limit 12-15 days into the month. I need to control my budget by reducing the number of paid services we use. And the less segmented databases we need to juggle, the better.

So, if doesn’t want to add an even basic level of internal messaging, they should say so, or this will continue being a suggestion you’ll need to proactively counter in the Monday Community boards.

Given whom my team comprises, Monday should be a one-stop shop (at least, I really want it to be). Slack doesn’t work for everyone. I’m glad it works for you! (For real! :blush:)


“Perhaps it’s the differing nature of our companies or company cultures or number of hats we need to wear daily, but the moment need to ask myself, “Did I discuss that with them in a Slack update or a Monday pulse?” I’ve already lost the efficiency battle.”

Monday has a native integration to update Slack channels for anything that happens in monday.

I’d also challenge that the time Zapier saves isn’t far more valuable than what it costs to move up from the free plan.

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I would also LOVE some internal chat functions inside but for a different reason.

For me, it’s about the tech-literacy of our team.

My team have low-medium tech skills. Every time we introduce another app, there’s a huge lag between introduction and productivity. We have to upskill them in how to use the apps, constantly.

The fewer apps our team has to learn and navigate, the better.


Such a great point! We also deal with this!

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I’d love to see an internal chat feature as well.

In similarity to previous points, our team already uses several applications in their daily routine, and every app that we can cut out keeps us all focused on a singular platform for notifications and weeds out a layer of complexity; less integration, less learning curve, and less designated spaces for simple things that could share a space.


+1 on the internal chat feature. We currently use Facebook Messenger, and not all my employees have/want to use Facebook.

Would be nice to keep everything under :+1:


I would love, if each monday folder stands for a channel in Slack or MS Teams. The general channel within the folder, and subchannels with the boards.

This is a feature we’ve been dying for Monday to include.

We’re currently using email as our form of communication, and things get lost in the mix.

Internal chat would be a great addition!


I agree with you. Ever since we adopted we’ve reduced our outlook emails by 80%. Communicating features such as chat inside would almost eliminate emails for us, it’ll be a one platform for all in our department.

I would also add that if such feature is developed, perhaps there can be a feature to attach certain chats to pulses.


Hey I’m interested you know if your team has made a call about whether to include a chat feature in the roadmap? If not, I’ll need to work on a different solution with our team. If yes, ill just wait :slight_smile:

+1 on adding internal chat on monday!!!

The slack pulses are awesome, but the use of a channel rather than a convo to automate to Monday is a little limiting.

Also - Any work on the horizon to integration with Teams? I know a few Monday clients that would really get value from a Monday add-in there! Especially since MS is pushing Teams as the solution to so many of their older collab tools.



We’re planning on integrating with teams in the near future so watch this space :slight_smile:

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+1 (Can I do +100?) on adding a chat feature. That would make so much of a difference in terms of catching work-related info on our instant messages. Right now we use Telegram for everything in that area: simple, easy to use and learn, and lots of features. But lots of data gets lost in the mix. It would be wonderful not to have to learn something as formal as Slack just to integrate project info into

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