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I want to have my ManyChat messages (coming from leads contacting us through Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook) to communicate directly with a Zapier/OpenAI/ManyChat/Other Chatbot that will talk with the leads and gather: Full Name, Phone number, Email, Company Info, and Product of Interest, and then based on the product of interest, to create a lead in a leads’ board, and assign it to the corresponding Sales Executive Based on the product of interest.

Hey Simon

To streamline your lead management process, we’ll integrate ManyChat with Zapier, OpenAI, and other chatbots to seamlessly handle messages from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. The chatbot will interact with your leads, collecting essential information like Full Name, Phone number, Email, Company Info, and Product of Interest. Once this data is gathered, it will create a lead in and assign it to the appropriate Sales Executive based on the product of interest. This ensures a smooth and efficient lead management system.

Our approach involves setting up ManyChat to automatically trigger Zapier workflows, which will utilize OpenAI for natural language processing to ensure accurate data collection. The collected information will then be sent to, where custom automations will assign leads to the correct sales representative. This integration will save time and reduce manual data entry errors, enhancing your overall efficiency.

Sounds good. Please send me your contact info, if you have a fiverr/upwork account, let me know the link so I can contact you.

You can connect with us on Upwork

Although we prefer work through our website.
You can connect us better here

Thank you


can we connect to Call ?

Integrating a chatbot with can help streamline various processes, from project management to automated updates. Here’s a general approach to integrating a chatbot with using platforms like or Zapier:

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Define the Use Case

Determine what you want the chatbot to do with Common use cases include:

  • Creating new items or tasks.
  • Updating item statuses.
  • Fetching and displaying task details.
  • Sending notifications or reminders.

2. Choose a Chatbot Platform

Select a chatbot platform that supports integration with Popular options include ManyChat, Dialogflow, and Chatfuel.

3. Set Up Integration

Ensure your account is set up for API access:

  • Go to, and under your profile, select “Admin” and then “API” to generate an API key.
  • Keep this API key handy for integration purposes.

4. Create a Bot in Your Chatbot Platform

Create a new chatbot and set up the initial greeting and basic conversation flows.

5. Connect to via

Use to create automation that bridges your chatbot and

  1. Create a New Scenario:
  • Log in to your account.
  • Create a new scenario and choose as the trigger app.
  1. Add Module:
  • Select the action you want to perform (e.g., create an item, update an item, get item details).
  • Configure the module with your API key and specify the board and columns you want to interact with.
  1. Add Webhooks:
  • Set up a webhook module to receive requests from your chatbot.
  • Configure the webhook to parse incoming data from the chatbot.

6. Configure Your Chatbot to Call the Webhook

In your chatbot platform:

  • Set up an action that triggers a webhook call to
  • Pass necessary parameters (e.g., item details, status updates) to the webhook.

7. Test the Integration

Run tests to ensure the chatbot can successfully communicate with

  • Initiate a conversation with your chatbot.
  • Trigger actions that interact with and verify the changes on the board.

Example: Creating a New Task via Chatbot

  1. Chatbot Flow:
  • User: “Create a new task.”
  • Bot: “Please provide the task name and due date.”
  • User: “Task Name: Design Logo, Due Date: 2024-06-20.”
  • Bot: “Creating task…”
  1. Webhook Setup:
  • Webhook receives task details.
  • Webhook calls scenario.
  1. Scenario:
  • module creates a new item with provided details.
  1. Bot Response:
  • Bot: “Task ‘Design Logo’ has been created with a due date of 2024-06-20.”


  • Authentication: Secure your webhooks and API calls with proper authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Error Handling: Implement error handling in your chatbot to manage any issues that arise during API calls.
  • User Feedback: Provide clear feedback to users about the status of their requests to improve the user experience.

If you need more detailed instructions or assistance with a specific part of the process, feel free to ask!