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We would like to listen to events in our app and send data to our
backend wich in response will update the board data through monday api

So i saw the integrations feature, but i want a simple - when item created send request to api.
This intergration is always the same and should not be changed or defined by the user. is this possible?

If i use monday.listen(“events”) through the board view, will it listen to events if the board view is closed?

When we mutate data through monday api, will the user see live changes without the need to refresh?

hi @nevok

Welcome to the community, let me try to kickstart you.

An integration feature requires a recipe. A recipe has a trigger part and an action part. There are a number of standard triggers (new item, column value change etc) and the possibility to build your own trigger (which is more complex). The recipe has also a recipe sentence where you can fill in the variable (like which column to listen to) when you add the integration to your board.

Let’s assume for now that you can use one of the standard triggers.

Then the action part which is triggered by the trigger part. There are also standard actions but from what I understand you want to build your own action. For this you can use a custom action and define the run URL. You have to code (in whatever language / framework) an endpoint that receives the input fields you define in the action and uses the monday API to write data to a item / column etc.

Looks like you are mixing view apps (monday.listen) with integration apps.

When you change data to a board it will be immediately visible to the end user, no need to refresh.

A good starting point is monday Apps - Build your first integration

Thank you for the quick response! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to rephrase, i understand what is possible in the intergation feature,
what i don’t understand is if add an intergration to my app, for example “If item created send to external URL”, will the user who downloads my app receive this predifined intergration?
I want that as soon as the user adds my app to a board the integration will work seamlessly without the need for the user to configure it.

Hi @nevok!

That makes a lot of sense. Sadly, the user would still need to add this integration recipe to their boards. this is because they would need to configure the columns, items, boards, etc necessary for your integration recipe to work. Does this make sense?

It would be the same process as setting up any integration/automation recipes on a board. You would have to configure it for each board on the account.

However, there is a flow so that once the user installs the app, they can then click the “Use app” button to add an integration recipe they want to their open board. However, they would still need to configure the recipe of their choosing.

Let me know if I can explain it a different way for you!


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