Choosing what to measure in the overview widget

Hi all!

I have a question as I’m working on a master dashboard.
For our advertising agency we have a board that shows all the advertising campaigns. An item is a campaign.
On this board, the campaigns for all clients are running, it’s not dedicated to one client, one type of campaign etc.

When I create an overview widget and I connect that Campaign board, I see the name of that board with the status. I see ‘Advertising’ and the status behind it with a timeline from the first date on the board to the last one.

Now, since all clients are on that board (and shown by ‘Dropdown’ column) I want to see the status of each client. Sadly, there isn’t an option in the overview widget to choose to segment it to a column like, in my case, Dropdown (in which my clients are segmented).

A workaround is to create dedicated client-boards/project management boards but that is doubling the work. I tried that already and yes, the overview widget will show all clients (boards) but then I need to keep those individual boards in check as well as the main advertising boards.

Any solutions to this? Would be lovely if we can choose how to segment the data in the overview widget :slight_smile: