Clear All Column Values

Please add an option to select an entire column (i.e. Status, Date, etc.) and clear all values. When duplicating a sheet and you want to keep the items, it’s a pain point to have to go through and clear all the columns.

After you’ve duplicated the board (Structure & items option), do you then use Monday’s batch function to clear the columns?

For example, select all line items in all groups in the board (click the checkbox to select the top item in the top group, then scroll down to the bottom of the board and shift+click the bottom item in the bottom group. Every line item in between gets selected.). Then clear the column value on any line item and all values in that entire column in every group in the whole board will be cleared?

Keep all line items selected and rinse, repeat for the other columns.

You can follow the same steps to add values in a column to multiple line items in a board. e.g. assign the same person in the People column to multiple line items in one click.

Thank you, John. I haven’t tried that, but I will. I still think it would be easier if there were a clear column function, but I appreciate the suggestion!