CLI for Github-Monday Development Workflow

Hi Everyone!

I made this npm package to help the developers on my team, but I thought it might potentially be of interest to some people in this community. I couldn’t get the exact workflow I was looking for using the built in Monday-Github integrations, so that frustration turned into this package. It’s very simple and mostly just a thin CLI layer on top of git and gh, but the desired effect is to allow you to create and keep track of all of your tasks/issues/bugs in Monday

  • What is your app called? It’s not an app, but an npm package called git-monday-cli

  • Why did you build this app? Wanted to reduce duplication of effort between Monday and Github and easily create branches and prs for Monday items.

  • What does your app do?

  • What example use cases and workflows does this app apply to? Be specific.

  • Who are you? Are you a monday partner? Just a person who writes code

  • How can users use your app? npm install -g git-monday-cli

  • Are there any dependencies (eg: must have an enterprise subscription to X tool)? git, gitub, npm

  • Does it have a cost? Nope