Coloring text from formula output

I’ve written some simple IF-THEN formulas for a Priority column and I’d like to apply coloring to those cells too (e.g. “Low” is green, “High” is red, etc.).
When applying conditional coloring, it’s not saved for the cell, so I guess colors should come from formula instead? Or is it somehow possible to save conditional coloring (without creating another view)?
I’ve not found any function or other way in formula to color or format texts. Is it possible?

Hi @silver !

When you create conditional coloring (clicking on the “…” in the toolbar and then the paint bucket) there is a button to save to the view.

This will save a new view so that you can go to the view with the conditional coloring applied already. You can also make that view your default view if you would like.

Hope this helps!

So coloring or any other kind of formatting is not possible with formulas as such?