Colors of items in calendar views

Our team uses to plan and manage upcoming events. Each event is a separate pulse in our event planning board. We use the calendar view a lot, both on a weekly and monthly to quickly see what events are upcoming and we like that we can drill down into the event from that view.

In the board view calendar, the color of the pulse is defined by which group it is in. In the calendar dashboard widget, the color of the pulse is defined by which board the pulse is in (color is assigned at random). In both cases we would like the ability to choose a status column that defines the color of the pulse in the calendar.

Hi @JTC, Josh

This is similar to Color coding timeline (and widget) with status color. There are more of these request, please thumb up the other ones :slight_smile:

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We manage a lot of data in Dashboard and this feature will be very awesome to avoid time consuming

Hey Bas de Bruin,
Yes, very similar to your request. Would be great to see both happen