Colours on the Calendar View of Mobile Version

HI there!
I use a LOT the calendar view on my celphone/mobile.

Months before I was abel to check on the mobile calendar view, which showed activities by diferent clours (same as assigned on the Compueter view).
However since months ago, this feature is no longger avaialble and all activities are shown like “blue dots”.

This is not convenient at all, as when you have so many activities in the calendar, every day of the calendar is marked with blue dots, which makes the calendar view itself useless.

I wish you caould go backwards with the changes effected that do not alow to see colours anymore on the calendar view

thank you!!

Hey Lucila! Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

Would you be able to attach a screenshot of the blue dots you’re referring to now so we can confirm if this is expected behavior?

Thanks! :blush:

Hi Charlotte,

Attached you can find print screen.

Months before I used to see the “status” colours on my calendar view. Now it is only dots. And as you can see, the calendar view is messy, it is all dots. If I could have colours on it again it would be great!

Look forward to hearing from you.


Lucila M. Pradelli

Hello, has there been any options made available for this? I’ve recently set up Monday for my company, but the “blue dot calendar” is useless on both mobile and iPad. Why can’t the calendar look similar to the desktop app? It should fit on the screen such as Google calendar does.