Column aggregates not available for formula and mirror columns

A great feature in Monday is the ability to aggregate certain types of columns (sum, max, min, avg, count etc.). Unfortunately, this feature is not available for a number of column types.

I found it not to be available for column types that derive their content based on other columns (in particular mirror columns and formulas). So it seems to me that when deriving information from other columns, Monday does not keep track of the original column type and therefore doesn’t offer the column aggregate.

Is there any way to indicate the column type (and hence the ability to create aggregates) to Monday? Or is this feature being worked on? I end up retyping calculated numbers from a formula column into a plain “number” column just to see the aggregate.

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Hi Tobias,

There isn’t any way right now. That’s one of the reasons why we developed a 3rd party app called the Advanced Formula Booster (to cast formula results to a regular column).

Can’t answer if it is something they are working on…

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