Column change webhook bug on newly created columns

I am trying to use webhooks with GraphQL API.
I have successfully created a webhook that listens change_column_value event.
It works correctly for the columns present in the creation time of the webhook. For example, I change a column value webhooks makes a request including the correct details.
However, it does not behave this way when I change a value in a newly created column. The webhook sometimes makes requests to given URL and sometimes it does not.

To reproduce bug:

  1. Create webhook on a board.
  2. Change a column so that verify that you have successfully created the webhook.
  3. Create a new column - (no request is made to the webhook URL as expected)
  4. Change a value on the newly created column (sometimes a request is made to the given URL but sometimes no request is made)

Could you help me with this issue either by verifying the bug or suggesting a solution.

Hi @emrez, welcome to our community!

At this time, I am not able to reproduce the behavior that you’ve described. All of the newly created columns are sending webhooks when I make a change.

As such, I’m wondering:

  • Are the columns that are being newly created and changed the same column type? Or are they all different column types?
  • What the board ID of the board where you last saw this behavior?
  • When was the last time you saw this behavior (as precise a time as possible, with the timezone)?

All of this information will help me better understand why you’re seeing this behavior.


Hi @Helen ,
Today I created a new board and tested it again.
I will leave a screenshot of my interceptions to the webhook requests in my server.

screenshot was taken at 10.00 AM GMT +3

Between two requests you see in my screenshot, I created columns and changed their values but it didn’t work.

I created all of the essential columns and changed a value in these columns. I do not think that it is related to column type.

I noticed that the webhooks works but they need some time after column creation (I experienced 7 minutes).

I created this board around 9.40 AM, GMT +3.
You could look at the column I created at 10.13 AM, GMT +3
At 10.20 AM, the newly created column started to trigger webhooks.

board id: 1626254393

Hi @emrez,

Thanks so much for all of your help sharing these details.

At this time I would like to report a bug report for our developers to check out since I don’t believe that this action should be taking so long on your account.

Do you mind just letting me know if our developers will be able to log into your account for troubleshooting purposes should that be necessary?


Hi helen,
I don’t mind if you log into my account.

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Thank you so much @emrez!

I have posted the bug report and will let you know as soon as we hear back from our developers.

Hi @emrez,

Just heard back from our dev team! They let me know that this issue may be related to some production incidents we’ve been experiencing lately.

Do you mind letting me know if this issue is still occurring? I can then update our devs.


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Hi @Helen
I doesn’t seem like it has been resolved. However, I am no longer utilizing this feature. So, feel free to close this topic if this issue is special to me.

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Hi @emrez,

Thank you for letting me know. At this time, since we haven’t been seeing this behavior with any other account, we believe this issue might just be isolated to your account, and maybe even be occurring because of some other factor.

If the issue does resurface, please either write into, or start a new thread.

Thank you!

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