Column Color Shading

Yes, this Conditional Coloring solution works, if you apply it to only a few columns.
Once you have ~12 Columns colored, the resulting 24 filter calculations will slow the app.
And, yes, our users wanted 12 columns colored as three colors in groups of four columns.

This feature has gone from “under consideration” to "on roadmap". After discussing this further and reading your feedback our boards team wants to create more robust opportunities. To start, our team is first working with the border column color shading but are also are interested in seeing more use cases from our community to be able to better understand how you would use these capabilities. So please share with your thoughts with us below and make sure you have your notifications turned on for this topic


I got to this post because I was using monday and wished that I could do this to one of my mirror columns and did a quick search. I have sub task time tracking mirrored up to my tasks. Next to that column is time tracking for the overall task. for this use case I would like to color the mirror columns, so users know that they are view only.
Thanks for adding to the roadmap.

Hi @Julietteb ,

We have a large shareable board with many columns, that only few of them needs to be filled by the board’s geusts. Highlighting these specific columns by color will help orientate.

Thank you,

I would use column coloring for the columns that are connected to a form response.

Yes I would love to be able to add color conditioning to my mirror columns on a board. That would be amazing!

This should have been a common feature from the get go, considering all excel users use column shading for a wide range of uses. I don’t even know why were having this discussion let alone vote for this.

I hope this thing actually comes out. It is hard to keep track of Boards with lots of columns if you want to quickly scroll to different sections of information. At the moment, I typically just stick in “Rating” columns as breakers to help divide the information up to be easier to read. It would just be so much sweeter to simply shade the columns.

Also, this has been on the roadmap for 5 years… is it actually being developed?

Adding my name to the list! Was just looking for this feature to implement on one of my boards.