Column Description, Note, or Tooltip

The screenshot below is of a board I’m using to track dates and thresholds for performance reports that my team creates for different project types in our homeless services Continuum of Care. Each column represents one project type. I use the info boxes in each Goal’s pulse to put information about calculating that goal, but I would love a way to enter information about an entire column.

In the PSH-OPH column, I would like to be able to put a note that explains that we have one agency that wants us to combine a number of their projects on the performance report.

I could put this separately in the info box for each Goal’s pulse, but having a tooltip that appears when you hover over the column would be very useful (and maybe also have a way to indicate that there is information in the tooltip such as shading the column header a different color) or some other way to indicate that a note applies to an entire column.

Right now I have made the column title “PSH-OPH (Combine X Agency’s Projects)” and if you hover over the column the entire title appears like a tooltip, but it would be great if the column header appeared as just “PSH-OPH” and the “Combine X Agency’s Projects” appeared only when you hover.

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'+ 1 - This would be great. Adoption of monday is hard for some users, and no one reads a whole job aid or quick ref guide!!!

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Hey @caseyparnis

Thanks for your request. Would adding in the information for using the columns/board into the board description help? Thats how we add instructions for our users here at

Hi Julia,

Because the board description is light gray text most of my team members don’t notice it, so unfortunately that hasn’t helped.


That’s an issue we have here too.

The small, light grey text in that Board Description area is always missed. It’s invisible on the room screen during team meetings.

Love to have rich formatting options in that Board Description area.


Same here in our Project. So +1 for better board description and +1 for a column description (you could do it the way you did the optional status descriptions.