Column Fields Created through sdk but didn't showed up in board view

I am currently developing an app with Monday SDK and facing an issue that is when I create multiple fields on a board then I get the success response and IDs of created column fields but some of the column fields are visible on the board and some are not.
Please guide me how to solve this issue.

Are they still invisible after reloading the page or after navigating to another board and back to the board where they were created?
When columns are created using the API, they don’t show up right after creation like they do when you create them using the board UI. It’s a known problem.

Hi @saqib.ishaq07,

Definitely let us know if you’re still unable to see the fields after refreshing your page, or in a private window.

If the issue persists, do you mind attaching a screen video of the behavior for us to take a look? If your board contains sensitive information, feel free to email into instead.


Thankyou for your response.
Here is the link of recorded Video => Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hi @saqib.ishaq07,

Thank you for sharing this super helpful video! I have a few more questions for you as we troubleshoot this together:

  1. Do the columns every show up? Or do they never show up? It looks like this might be an issue of making too many asynchronous calls at once.
  2. What are the actual API requests you’re making? Do you mind taking a screenshot of your code and sending that over?
  3. Do you see any errors in your logs? If I were you, I would console.log() the response from the server each time I create a column to see what it is.

Thank you!

Thank you for responding
I also think that it might be an issue of making too many async calls, but when i create column i get their column_id as response of all of them but just few of them show up.
I took a screen shot of my api call and response as well

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Hi @saqib.ishaq07,

Yes you are absolutely right that this is due to making async calls!

can you please guide! How to solve this issue?
Thank You

Hi @saqib.ishaq07,

At this time, because our API does not support making simultaneous requests, I would recommend spacing your calls apart (i.e. using different functions to create these columns, or perhaps spacing out these calls by 1 or 2 seconds).

This is something our developers are aware of and are looking to improve in the future!

I will do it like spacing out these calls and I hope it should work!
Thank You


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